Awaken the real you, and embrace total happiness!


As one travels the landscape of life, the mind becomes cluttered, the body becomes misaligned from the soul, and happiness becomes harder to maintain. It is easy to become discouraged, to follow a dark path with no rewards. In today's world, many people are on this path, trudging slowly through life with a burden of fear, negativity, and regret. But this is not how it has to be; it is never too late for change.

In "A Total Reboot", John Traficante tells how to cast off old systems of beliefs, old ways of living, and to reach a higher state of being by embracing the present and evolving spiritually as life moves forward. He demonstrates how to install new "spiritual software" and to "reboot" the mind with a new sense of clarity and truth.

Through newly awakened eyes, one will be able to truly see the wondrous essence of life, the greatest of all lights. No longer will days pass in fear and wasted time; they will become filled with meaning and a deeper connection with the self and the universe without.

Each day brings new miracles; reboot, and start embracing them today.